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Alumni Assistance Fund

History and Purpose:
Since the establishment of Wedgworth Leadership Institute Alumni Association (the “WLIAA”), the WLIAA Membership has grown steadily in number. It has also grown into a close-knit and caring group of friends and colleagues, each Member sincerely concerned with the well-being of other Members, generous and giving in time of need. At the 2010 WLIAA Annual Meeting, the WLIAA Membership voted to establish the WLIAA Alumni Assistance Committee for the purpose of developing a structured means to provide financial assistance to WLIAA Members in dire financial circumstances due to the occurrence of a sudden, catastrophic event or crisis. The end result of the thorough work of the Committee was the establishment of the WLI Alumni Assistance Fund, a voluntary, charitable fund administered by the WLIAA Board of Directors, to which WLIAA Members may easily contribute and from which money may be efficiently distributed to Qualified Applicants approved to receive financial assistance.

Who qualifies for financial assistance?
The WLIAA Board of Directors recognizes that each situation is different, unforeseen events occur and life is unpredictable. Therefore, no formal guidelines or regulations have been adopted. Rather, each situation and each Application for Assistance will be independently reviewed to determine the specific need of each Qualified Applicant, the catastrophic event or unforeseen circumstances causing such need and any extenuating circumstances exacerbating such need. The criteria are as follows: (1) All “Members” and only “Members” of the WLI Alumni Association, as that term is defined in the WLIAA Bylaws, as amended from time to time, shall be Qualified Applicants; (2) To be eligible for financial assistance, a Qualified Applicant must submit a written Application for Assistance, in the form provided, that (a) specifies the amount of financial assistance desired, and (b) sufficiently describes the event or unforeseen circumstances compelling the Qualified Applicant to request financial assistance, and (3) Financial assistance will be made available to Qualified Applicants only if approved and only to the extent expressly authorized by the WLI Board of Directors, in its sole and absolute discretion.

How do I apply for financial assistance?
Obtain an Application for Assistance from any member of the WLIAA Board of Directors or print an Application for Assistance from the link on the WLIAA website. Complete all sections of the Application with sufficient detail to enable the WLIAA Board of Directors to make an informed decision as to whether financial assistance should be provided and, if so, in what amount. Sign and date the completed Application and deliver it to any WLIAA Board Member. Thereafter, the Qualified Applicant shall also provide any additional information reasonably requested by the WLIAA Board of Directors to support the Application.

When will my application be reviewed?
The WLIAA Board of Directors will meet on a periodic basis to review all Applications received and may, but shall not be obligated to, meet on a more urgent or emergency basis to accommodate any particular requests or circumstances. The WLIAA Board of Directors will make a final decision at its next regularly scheduled meeting or on a more urgent basis, in its sole discretion. How do I Contribute? The WLIAA will from time to time organize various fundraising events, on an independent basis or in concert with the WLIAA Annual Meeting or other WLIAA events, at which you may donate to the Wedgworth Leadership Alumni Assistance Fund. Alternatively, you may contribute directly by contacting a WLIAA Director and making individual arrangements.

While it is the sincere desire of the WLIAA Board of Directors to diligently review, evaluate and render a decision on all Applications for Assistance on a timely basis, and to be sensitive to any urgent requests and extenuating circumstances, all activities of the WLIAA Board of Directors related to the WLIAA Alumni assistance Fund are conducted exclusively on a voluntary and charitable basis and the WLIAA Board of Directors, or any persons serving thereon, shall not have any duty or obligation to any Qualified Applicant or any other person to approve any Application for Assistance, to disburse any funds, to meet any deadline or take any other action in connection with any Application for Assistance, and all actions taken or not taken by any of them shall be taken or not taken in their sole and absolute discretion.