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Wedgworth Alumni News Update

Wedgworth Leadership Institute alumni have had many reasons to gather together this holiday season! Check out where your WLI alumni family have been seen recently! Annual WLI Alumni Tailgate – cohosted by The Wheeler Family On Saturday, November 18, 2017, several Wedgworth Leadership Institute alumni and friends gathered to cheer on the Florida Gators and...
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“FALL”-o-wing WLI Alumni News

Have you been “FALL”-o-wing your fellow Wedgworth Leadership Institute Alumni? Here’s what’s coming up and what’s happened recently for AAWLI members! Annual WLI Alumni Tailgate – cohosted by The Wheeler Family When:  Saturday, November 18, 2017, TBD (As soon as the game time is announced, we’ll set the time for the tailgate to begin two hours...
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WLI Alumni meet with Colorado Ag Leadership Program

On September 22-23rd, 2017, members of Class X and the Alumni Association traveled with the Colorado Ag Leadership Program as they toured Highlands County.   Many thanks are due to Aaron Himrod (Class X), Ray Royce (Class VII), Charlie Wilson (Class VII), Noah Handley (Class IX), and Carl Bauman (Class VIII) for speaking to the class...
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WLI Alumni to be Proud of!

*Disclaimer* Due to Hurricane Irma, these posts were not shared when they should have been. Please enjoy catching up on some news from the last few weeks about your fellow alumni! Class IX Member Received Gene A. Batson Award On August 30th, 2017, Jennifer Parrish (Class IX) received the Gene A. Batson Award for her...
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WLI Shows Up after Hurricane Irma

If you’re reading this and you’re an alumni member of the Wedgworth Leadership Institute, you can be so proud. When WLI decides to “show up,” incredible things happen!!! Some of the first reports received by the WLIANR office after Hurricane Irma were from our alumni in Highlands and Okeechobee counties with dairies; both Ben Butler...
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