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WLI ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Armando Campos-Cruz (Class VII)


Armando Campos-Cruz, is our next alumni to highlight in the


Armando Campos-Cruz was recently elected Chairman of the International Certified Crop Adviser program!  

Armando has been married to his wife, Nowell, for over 20 years.  He has three sons: Armando, Daniel, and Alex.  Armando attended Monterrey Tech for his bachelor’s degree in Agronomy, and went on to earn a master’s degree in Horticulture/Plant Physiology from Texas A&M University.  He has worked in technical sales and marketing positions for fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, and seeds.  Armando is the current President of Nutrient Technologies, LLC.


Armando was kind enough to agree to be interviewed for the WLI ALUMNI  SPOTLIGHT:

What does it mean to you to be elected the Chairman of the ICCA program?

The election as Chair of the ICCA program is meaningful to me for several reasons, mainly, that is an election by my peers for whom I have a lot of respect and with whom I have served alongside for several years during which they have seen in me the leadership qualities to guide our organization in the coming year and shape the direction and future leadership of the organization.  Secondly, for an agronomist like me, the ICCA program, with its affiliation to the American Society of Agronomy, represents the practical application of the agronomical science, under a strict code of ethics and a commitment to continuing education.  With the technological changes we are experiencing in agriculture, keeping the ICCA program up to date and relevant is important and it will allow us to react by implementing changes that keep up with the times; for example, we are launching a specialty certification in Precision Agriculture and sharing up a national footprint for the 4R’s Specialty Certification.  These two certifications complement the International Certified Crop Adviser certification (CCA) allowing for professional growth and a response to the needs of the agricultural producers across our country and in other countries such as Canada and Mexico as well.

Photo taken from Seminar I, Class VII

What fuels your passion as President of Nutrient Technologies, LLC?  What keeps you motivated?

I am passionate about plant physiology and plant nutrition and through my work at Nutrient Technologies, LLC I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge in these areas to the service of the industry as a whole, addressing questions and needs that otherwise often go unanswered and underserved.  My family keeps me motivated, fueling my entrepreneurial spirit and hoping to build something they can all be proud of and perhaps where they can join me someday to carry on what is only a small start to the realization of big dreams that started with my father.

Class VII graduates Amando Campos-Cruz and Jorge Abreu

Why did you choose to go through WLI, and what did you get most from it?

Going through the WLIANR was a choice in professional growth and development to make the most of the opportunities that have been afforded to me.  More than anything I got from it a consolidation of the sense of ownership and commitment to Florida agriculture that I have felt since moving to Orlando back in 2000 and having the opportunity to work with an industry that is second to none in the country or abroad. WLIANR created a need to give back to the industry through volunteer associations, like the ICCA, to keep Florida Agriculture in the forefront of all discussions and make sure our interests are looked after every time.


Class VII International Trip: Second from left: Erin Boyd Wilder; Fourth from left: Armando Campos-Cruz

What’s your favorite WLI memory?

There are too many fond memories to just pick one although I can easily recall one of the happiest moments for me, which was during our international trip to China.  Out of the whole group I was the only one whose luggage did not arrive into Shanghai with our flight and three days into the trip, still without my luggage and as we were moments away from boarding the bus for the train station headed to Beijing, a moped with two individuals and with my bag between them showed up at the restaurant, no signatures were needed, only handshakes and grins.  This unconventional currier delivery saved the trip for me and made for an unforgettable moment.


What has been your most challenging leadership opportunity post-WLI?  How have used lessons from WLI to take on the challenge?

Class VII International Trip: Thad Beshears and Armando Campos-Cruz

The most challenging leadership opportunity is within my own company.  It is a small company with a limited number of people and resources.  Nonetheless, it allows me to provide the guidance and support to others with principled leadership and a service attitude.  It has provided me the strongest tests of character and perseverance I could have hoped for and given me tremendous satisfaction and fulfillment.  The WLIANR gave me many lessons that have allowed me to take on these challenges and I can recall right down to the very speaker at a WLI seminar that inspired me to go out on my own and work full time for my company.

What do you believe are the benefits of being a WLI alumni member beyond your WLI experience?

Class VII graduates and special guests featured from left to right: Ray Royce, Charlie Wilson, Congressman Tom Rooney, USDA Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue, Keith Wedgworth, Erin Boyd Wilder, and Armando Campos-Cruz.

I consider Class VII as my immediate family within the WLI and the WLI alumni association like an extended family that I am proud to belong to and enjoy tremendously whenever there I chance to participate.  The strength of the network keeps on growing and the bonds that are formed in the context of the alumni association are strengthened at every event we get to interact and show the pride in our membership.




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